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All about mosquito bites

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It does not stop with the itching


Wht you need to know about mosquito bites. 

Mosquito bites are not just itchy they can also be dangerous.

The good news however is that it can be prevented.

The website All You for instance shared home remedies to prevent and at the same time soothe the skin following mosquito bites.

“Break out the soap and water. Washing the affected area will definitely help relieve some of the irritation, since washing removes any trace of the mosquito saliva that causes itchiness. If you happen to have soap that contains oatmeal or aloe, try rubbing the soap on the bite to reduce the urge to scratch.


Small but terrible

Tip Hero meantime published an article advising its readers on what to do after being bitten by mosquitoes. Pest Control

“So even after all of your preparation in trying to keep the bugs at bay, you’ve been defeated by a, or several, persistent bug(s). What now? You know you’re not supposed to scratch those bites as you know that could result in a pretty nasty infection. But how on earth do you soothe that terrible itching? for its part shared ways on how to keep yourself from getting bitten by pesky mosquitoes. Pest Control Poway

“It’s backyard barbecue season—but you’re not the only one planning a feast. The mosquitoes are out and ready to chow down. But before you fill another shopping bag with citronella candles, it’s important to understand your adversary.”


So what do you do to prevent mosquito bites?