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Avoid Termite Damage in your Property

By March 18, 2019 No Comments

How to Prevent Termite Damage


Avoid termites like the plague. 

Termites can just be the worst thing that could happen to anyone’s property. Structural and financial damage are definitely imminent when a home or an establishment gets infested.

Green Ply Plywood Blog shared some tips on how to prevent termites from damaging a property.

“Wooden furniture bring a lot of natural warmth to any home, and also look great for ages to come. Unfortunately, they also attract termites. Even if you take good care of your furniture – once you hear that familiar scraping noise, it means all that effort is moot. You have two solutions – to replace the furniture, or to fumigate them to kill the termites. The second one isn’t too safe either, if you consider a recent CNN news item, where it was shown how a 10-year old had to be hospitalized and lost most of his motor skills after suffering from poisoning caused by fumigation.”


Avoid the worst

Articles Hub also shared yet another set of tips to avoid termite damage.

“The first thing that a homeowner can do is to eliminate their food and water sources. Keep mulch that you are using in the flower beds away from the foundation, cut back foliage, keeping it well away from the house. If you water your lawn, make sure the sprinklers are aimed away from the house and use downspout extensions to deliver rain water well into the yard.”



“Having your property inspected yearly by a certified termite inspector can help spot any existing damage. These inspectors will look for signs of termites such as swarmers or mud tubes. They will also inspect the wood for signs of damage.”


How do you avoid termite damage?