Termite Trivia

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Termite 101


They are more than just pests that destroy wood.

Termites can sometimes be plainly seen as wood-eating pests that get the better of structures.

But these insects are more than that.

There is a whole lot to know and find out about termites.

For instance, it is not general knowledge that termites could be an ingredient to Hot Sauce as shared by the website Food Beast.

“In Kumarakapay, villagers make a special hot sauce they call kumache. While the base of kumache is made from yucca and hot peppers, what makes it special is the finishing ingredient of red ants and termites. Before finishing the sauce, natives go out and break up ant hills to harvest the insects by hand so that they’re as fresh as possible. The villagers have been making the special hot sauce for years, selling it to tourists looking to try something new and bold. However, the production of kumache is very limited, because yucca too expensive to harvest.”


Same Reputation

In India termites have the same bad reputation.

Time for instance published an article about Termites destroying India’s government records.

“Anup Surendranath, the professor at the Indian capital’s National Law University spearheading the research project, said that prisons across India responded to record requests by claiming many documents had been “lost or destroyed by termites.” Among the missing files are the 2001 mercy pleas of four men convicted in the 1992 Bara Massacre, a mass murder carried out by Maoist insurgents in the Eastern Indian state of Bihar.”


Termite 101

Pestworld also gave a closer glimpse at termites as it published little known information on this specie.

“Colonies of termites are difficult to detect because most species build their colonies underground and move through subterranean tunnels. However, there are some species such as Conehead termites, found in Florida, that forage over top of the ground, similar to ants. This allows these termites to spread easily and quickly if left unchecked.”

Read the rest of the infos here.

Have you ever seen a termite mound?